Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation Review

I’m sure most of you have heard about this new foundation launch from Lancome. If not, let me tell you a little bit about it. Teint Miracle claims to be the “holy grail” of foundations. It claims to be super light, water based sheer texture but rich enough to give a perfect complexion.

Where traditional foundations play with the surface colour of skin using pigments, Teint Miracle has new ingredients that hope to aid the absorption and refraction of light.  With 10 times less opaque fillers and almost 40% water it seems incredible that this could create a flawless complexion and recreate skin’s natural light. It certainly sounds promising, interesting and impossible! Oh and it also offers SPF of 15.

Firstly, I love the packaging, it’s a lovely glass bottle, elegant, like a perfume bottle with a pump.It goes on so easily, I’ve stippled, used fingers and a traditional foundation brush, all work well, although stippling is fab and is the method I used in the following pictures. It really does feel weightless on the skin, doesn’t dry too quickly to work with and it looks great as I will now (hopefully!) demonstrate.
Here it is in shade and light, applied on it’s own, no other make up. Please enlarge for a good look.

And here it is set with a little powder and with my eye makeup on.

And a close up of the finish, please feel free to enlarge.

Well for me I really think this might be my holy grail foundation, great coverage, looks natural, fantastic match to my skin, long wearing (it lasts all day on me with no problems), it’s glowy but not oily and it feels like I don’t have anything on. I don’t have much more to say about it than that, I think in this case the pictures do the talking.

Available from Selfridges now but available nationwide from 1st September and retailing for £25. Go get it!

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  1. Café Bellini says:

    Thanks for the review, it certainly sounds promising. I’ll have to try it!

  2. Oh wow, looks like a lovely foundation. Do you know if the shades are consistent from foundation to foundation? I was colour matched one day and I think I am ‘albatre’ (if my memory serves me well) or something? what shade did you get? I am usually nc20 ish for mac studio fix, although it’s a liiiiiiitle bit light for me.


  3. Cafe Bellini – defintely recommended!

    Liloo, I really don’t know about the colour matching unfortunately. I’m usually NW20 but this is a better match for me x

  4. ModestyBrown says:

    I have this in shade 2 (one of the little sample ones) and I love it! A little goes a long way, I’m sure I’ll be purchasing when my samples run out!

    I think it’s out already too. I saw it in both Boots and Debenhams in Oxford along with French Coquettes, so it looks like it’s had an early release.
    Jane x

  5. TheBristolBeautyBlog says:

    Looks great! Could be the Holy Grail! xx

  6. Sounds great! I love the ‘technology’ behind it, it sounds very interesting

  7. You don’t need to apologise to me. What works for one person may not work for another! It sounds a lot like the application is at fault here though…in my pic above you can still see all my freckles, so if its not sheer on you, somethings wrong with the way it’s been put on.

    Interested to know which foundation you use that covers pores?

  8. I just came back from the Lancome counter where I had my make up done useing the above – and it is not great…you can see it all over my face, it is not sheer at all and my pores are also coming through out…not a coverage I was looking for.. will not buy it sorry…

  9. Just seen this review, I found the same as you Charlie, when my Chanel has finished I will be replacing it with the Lancome as it is fantastic and cheaper! I actually found that it did hide my pores that are so much better after proper twice daily cleansing and twice weekly treatments (dependant on product)

  10. Foxy Frangipani says:

    This is my second day sampling the Lancome Teint Miracle, and I must say I am loving it :)

    Very good oil control.. and gives me a flawless finish. I didn’t like the way it was applied on me by the SA though, hehe so I use stippling instead. The result is much better..

    Thanks for sharing this review..

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am also always on the search for the best foundation, and have just tried this … wow … yes … totally amazing … literally all my friends have commented (unprompted ; ) how pretty I look … and that only the past two days, while using this foundation! Worth 25 quid!! But I have also just got a lovely new moisturiser – Chanel Eclat Originel – so gorgeous that I have been throwing caution to the winds (£41) and slapping it on.

    These things actually do make a difference, to my mind. It is worth buying them. : )

  12. I’m sooooo looking forward to trying this! I heard the rose extract in it is supposed to help combat redness ~ I also have very sensitive skin so I’m curious to see the coverage I can achieve with a (mostly) water based foundation. This product does almost seem too good to be true haha

  13. Anonymous says:

    what shade is this

  14. Yes, please tell us what shade! It looks pale enough for me (I live in hope).

  15. I will make a point of checking the shade and will put it here next time I go upstairs!

  16. Yes, please, tell us the shade. I have to buy online and it’s impossible to choose from swatches at websites.
    Thank you

  17. Hi All, sorry for the delay, it’s shade 2. Hope that helps x

  18. Thank you!

  19. Yes, thank you – that does help.

  20. tonlynholm says:

    I am an African American woman and I must say this is truly an amazing foundation. I have been using Lancomr Teint Idole Ultra for 2 years and thought it was the best…but after getn my sample of the Teint Miracle and trying it out I can simply say Amazing. I have purchased 2 bottles for future use.

  21. Dorkinglady says:

    I could not get a sample so decided to bite the bullet and buy anyway. Got the SA to ‘do’ my face at the counter which I thought looked fine. But when I met up with my husband he commented that I looked ‘caked’ !!! it looks a million times better when I put it on at home. I used a lot less and it looks a lot more natural. Must say it looks great and a lot less hassle than the mineral foundations I have been using – no more brushing, tapping and cleaning up! I have celtic skin (pale with a tendency to redness) and colour 02 was perfect for me.

  22. Thanks for the great review! And the ability to see enlarged pics (you’re so brave, but your skin looks amazing).
    To ‘Dorkinglady’ I found that when I got the SA to apply this for a trial it looked terrible! Streaky, clumped, dots in my pores… but I went home, reapplied and set with a little powder and it looks like I have great skin! I’m also a 02, I’m a light-medium, NW20(ish).

  23. Hi Charlie, i was googling on this product and came upon ur website. ur blog is great! keep it up!

    From, Ann (Singapore)

  24. This makeup did not work for me. I have been trying to wear it but it showed every line, pore and dry patch on my skin. Even the lady at the counter said it looked terrible. It seemed to turn to chalk and stick into my pores. I wish they would bring back Color ID or the one before Color ID was even better. Why do they always have to be changing something that works!

  25. Give me a couple of days and I’ll come right back to you. I just need to email someone x

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi thank you for the review. Maybe you can help me. I went to the shop and found the shade 02 lys rose to be the most fitting. The problem is that I want to order it online and the shades online are different. Instead of having beige and lys they have buff, bisque, ivory and suede. I don’t know which is the equivalent. Can you please help me?
    Thai you very much.

  27. Andrea Arevalo says:

    Charlie i need your help. I have oily skin and i´m very pale and it´s very hard for me to find a perfect match for my skin since there is a lot of red areas too. I´m looking a foundation that covers all the imperfections that my face has but I don´t wanna feel a mask… I´ve been thinking of Estee Lauder Double Wear, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and Clarins Everlasting Foundation. Which one do you think will be the best? Thanks for your help!

  28. Hi Andrea, happy to help if I can. I’ve never tried Clarins Everlasting FOundation so I can’t really comment on that but I do love both of the Double Wears. I swear by The original Double Wear when my skin is spotty because it covers the red so well so it might be just what you are after. It is a heavy foundation but it doesn’t feel cakey unless you are too heavy handed. Double Wear Light is also a fab foundation and I keep that for days when my skin is less problematic!

  29. This is a fabulous foundation, a little coverage and gives me the “barely there” feel and look I like. I only just got round to buying after testing the 7 day trial. Needed to replace my trusted Clinique Gentle Light which has been discontinued but found the colour 02 in Teint MIracle was an even better match for me.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I love this foundation! colour 010 is the best match i’ve ever been able to find. It covers everything but at the same time looks so natural! Would defintely recommend it to anyone :)

  31. Hello, thanks for your amazing blog.
    I just discovered this foundation at boots today was curious to see if it would work on black skin. I’ve used Bobbi Brown for years but wanted to see what was out there! I’m African but sort of lighter skinned. The SA used shade 010 for me and it blends PERFECTLY couldnt believe it was me! And I havent had to touch up or anything..with the bobbi brown i had to as it caused a lot of shine after a few hours. Totally got chatted up afterwards lol.
    RECOMMENDED! Scarily perfect!

  32. Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images
    aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I
    think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web
    browsers and both show the same results.

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