Ladies, I call upon you for help!

Are you bored this NYE? Marvellous.
Enough is enough. A week and several hours of looking at pictures and swatches and still no decision made. It’s time I called upon your opinions to help me make up my mind. This may be a long post, please bear with me.

It all started with the Mac Champale collection. I fell in love with the look of the Caviar Dreams quad.

I fell in love. I don’t have any similar shades really and I started dreaming of the light and dreamy eye I could put together with it. Then I saw the reviews and decided not to buy this one but to find something similar with less fall out and more pigmentation.

I also fell in love with this Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope.

But alas, it wasn’t to be, we’re not getting this in the UK despite my best efforts, so again I started looking for similar products.

Now this is where I need your help. I have a list of several palettes I have fallen for and I can only afford one, or at the most two of them. But probably only one. I’ve googled endless swatches and I just can’t decide.

Now the palette I love the most and is most similar to the Mac Champale quad is this Dior one, Crush Glow:

Which is my top choice. However, it’s £39 which isn’t a problem, except its sold out everywhere and the only place I can get it is ebay at a tenner more. The swatches are beautiful.

Next up is this, Dior Pearl Glow :

Which my reckoning is a dead ringer for the Le Metier holiday one I really wanted, with the addtion of a purple. I can get this at retail price of £39.

Then there’s the Chanel Enigma quad which has been on my list for ages:

But something keeps stopping me, not sure why.

And then while I was searching I found Dior Ready To Glow, which is also similar to the Mac quad:

Not as beautiful as the Crush Glow, and it has a brown it it, if there’s one thing I don’t need, it’s browns, but it is pretty.

And then finally I found another Dior one, Sunset Cafe:

I’ll be the first to admit it looks pretty dull, but google image search swatches, it really looks gorgeous and maybe another similar one to the Mac Champale quad.

So please, help me choose. Do I get the Metier-a-like, or one of the Mac-a-likes and if so, which?

Or do you recommend some other palette you think is an absolute must have. All I ask is nothing too dull, I like duo’s or shimmers, or unusual colourways, a palette of greys or neutrals that don’t do something pretty won’t float my boat!

So go, help! And thank you and Happy New Year to you all.

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  1. They all look pretty :/ Sorry, Im not much help! I do like Dior and MAc, never tried Metier ones :( x

  2. I’d get CD crush glow- I might even pay more- but if not then hold out and try everwhere until it’s back in stock x

  3. I would say the MAC a like one seeing as it is what you originally wanted.
    Personally I reckon you should just have a weekend down at london and go to inglot and make your own mac a like pallete.

  4. Thanks all. Cheeky, it’s a Ltd Edition one and won’t be coming back into stock.

    Kelsey, I’ll hope to get to London this year!

    Ok so interesting so far, thank you!

  5. xDiamondsandPearlsx says:

    I love that MAC quad. I saw it today but didnt dare ask how much it was, so left it!!. I regret not getting it now, so I might go back tomorrow before the VAT increase haha :)apart from the mac quad i like the dior crush glow palette best and i think i would pay the extra, its gorgeous!! :) xxx

  6. Thank you! x

  7. Lipstick Luvvie says:

    Hi Charlie,
    I would go for the Dior Ready to Glow, I saw this in store in summer, preferred it to Crush Glow and very nearly got it. Although I own the Enigma quad, I have to admit I’ve only used it once. I splurged on the Cham Pale Collection today but gave the quad a miss, just didn’t really grab me that much in person. I think the Dior quints are much better quality. Is such a shame we aren’t getting the Le Metier palette in the UK.

    My task for tomorrow is to set up my twitter account so I’ll try and find you on there.
    Happy New Year for later!

    Jennifer X

  8. I just spotted your post Jennifer, will be off to comment in a minute, thank you for that!

  9. I would say don’t get the Chanel one. I have two Chanel quads and the quality of them is… meh. They are definitely not worth the price.

    Crush Glow or Pearl Glow would be my choices.

  10. I’ve just got the Mac quad, but haven’t used it yet. All the Dior ones are lovely too, Sunset Cafe isn’t dull at all, I have it and it’s gorgeous! Chanel Enigma’s nice too. Just go and buy them all! :P (Sorry not much help, but I have actually bought them all, how bad is that???)

  11. I quite like the look of Crush Glow! :)

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