Le Métier de Beauté Le Cirque Kaleidoscope – A Look

Now I’ve had this for quite some time and I am not sure why it’s taken me so long to get round to putting up a post about it. I was keen to get my hands on this because the colours looked beautiful but at £65 it was a big gamble. Fortunately I received this as a gift (not a PR sample I might add) so here we are. My feelings are really mixed on this palette.

Lets start with a huge positive in by my reckoning, when you’re looking at pictures of this paletted, you imagine the shadows are the usual size, you know, Mac proportions, but they are not, they are much bigger. Making this palette in total a similar size to my fist. It’s substantial and that, by my reckoning goes some way to justifying the cost. Also, I didn’t realise until Modesty Brown’s post  that the top bit is a mirror, so the lid flips open. Which is neat and I really like it.

Before I go on any further, take a look at swatches of the colours:

L-R Flamboyantes, Spectacle, Enrichissant and Dynamique

I love the colours, on my eyes they transform into something special and I have to say that I’ve reached for this more than any other palette over the last couple of months. I get a good long day’s wear out of them. There is something about these eyeshadows I can’t quite put my finger on and it’s bugging me and its partly why its taken me so long to write this review but I just don’t know what it is! Anyway, its beautiful and the quality is evident as you use them. However, there is one thing I do find disappointing and that’s the purple shade, Dynamique. In the pan it looks brighter, blue and more wow, but on the lid its a fairly sheer dull purple. In my opinion, if it had been a brighter shade, the effect would have been really amazing, rather than just nice.

I’ve been attempting to apply this palette using the Métier technique Couche de Couleur. Which is essentially the layering of the colours. Starting from the top or bottom of the palette, just start layering. I’d really like to know exact placement but haven’t been able to find anything so I just bodged it. In addition I’ve been enjoying using the purple as a liner by spritzing my brush with Mac Fix+ first and applying a damp line. It’s still not as vibrant as I’d like but it’s pretty. I’ve not done the last bit in the following photographs.

There are MANY pics because I see different effects in each one and to show you all of these, I think, gives you a great idea of the character of the shadows and the effects of the Couche de Couleur. I urge you enlarge some of the close ups.

So here we go:

 So there we have it. Despite my disappointment with the purple I adore this palette and reach for it least every other day at the moment, I love it so much I’m already planning my next purchase.

So what do you think, worth the money? Is this a brand you’ve tried? Any must haves for me?

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  1. Your eye color is gorgeous!

  2. I was at the Le Met counter the other day and never noticed the top is a mirror in this stack! HA!

    I really like the colours here. I’m going back in January for a lesson in their technique and good old rummage in their colours too. Saw a gorgeous bright orange that I reckon would look good with a few other colours.

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