Modesty Brown’s Beauty Bloggers Best Things

Another week, another nose into a bloggers best things.

This week’s beauty blogger letting us in on her secrets is one of my favourite bloggers, Modesty Brown, always classy, never tacky, beautiful products with fantastic reviews you can always trust and a jolly nice person to boot.

If you don’t already, I strongly urge you to follow Modesty’s lovely blog.

So lets start with some easy questions!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regimen, which products you use and why?
At the moment I’m trialing some skincare so I won’t mention those items but will stick to my tried and tested regime.

No.7 Foaming Cleanser
Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliator used twice a week
Origins Starting Over moisturiser

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye makeup remover (I love this and have been through three tubes)
No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser used with either Eve Lom cloth or flannel
Origins Starting Over moisturiser
Alva Sanddorn Eye Cream

All of the products I’ve mentioned are gentle on the skin. The cleansing products clean without stripping the natural oils from the skin which I think is important. I find the Radiance Boosting cleanser a real pleasure to use.

I also tend to use a face mask once a week. It doesn’t really matter to me which one but I enjoy the pampering aspect. It depends on how my skin is feeling whether I go for a moisturizing treatment or a detox mask. In the evening my favourite cream to use is Nuxe Crème Merveillance and I really need to re-purchase this one.

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to?
I admit that I don’t have a favourite when it comes to hair care. At the moment I am using both Louise Galvin SLS free shampoo and conditioner and some Aussie Haircare products that I had before my Brazilian blow dry. I quite like the John Frieda Brunette range too.

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking?
There’ll be no surprises here I’m sure!
Rouge Bunny Rouge
Edward Bess
Le Métier de Beaute

I have a passion for well-formulated, flattering colours and I think all of these cosmetics brands do them very well. I want to look better but with minimal effort and their products help me do that. I don’t have loads of each brand as they’re all quite expensive but what I do have, I cherish.

I should include an honourable mention for MAC too. Although I don’t buy much from MAC these days, I still have a lot of staples from them which I use daily.

Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why?
I’m still on the hunt for my Holy Grail of foundations. I tend not to wear it so much these days and opt for concealer instead. I do rather like Lancôme Teint Miracle though. It has a nice finish and isn’t too heavy.

What is your favourite mascara and why?
This is easier! My favourite mascara is Hourglass Film Noir. It’s actually one that I was sent for review and I didn’t expect to like it that much. It is a really nice dark black and it’s a soft formula so doesn’t make my lashes brittle. The real reason it is my favourite though is because it has never, ever smudged on me. It might not be the most dramatic but I love it for the fact that it has never given me Panda eyes which is a problem I have with every other mascara I’ve ever used.

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection?
No specifics here but I think every beauty addict should own a fabulous lipstick colour. You know, the sort that you don’t wear everyday but that makes you feel instantly better when you wear it? For me, that’s an Edward Bess lipstick in Night Romance. It always makes me feel a million dollars even on the worst of days!

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.
Gosh this is really hard. I read a lot of great blogs, the first two are my absolute favourites and this pair make me spend more than I would really like to divulge! Because I love bloggers with a sense of humour, I must recommend you take a look at Facegoop. Probably not a good idea if you like Lush though……

Visionary Beauty
London Makeup Girl
Thanks so much Modesty for answering my questions. I must admit your top three made me chuckle since yes, I would have absolutely guessed! You have impeccable taste. I might have to try out that mascara.

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  1. The Beauty Bite says:

    Lovely interview! When I met MB (very briefly) at the MAC event in September all I remember thinking was how amazingly soft both her skin and hair looked. She was practically glowing! Because of this I completely trust her recommendations, which means her love for RBR is slowly draining my wallet! She is awesome!


  2. WelshBeautyBlog says:

    Jane always has and always will be one of my favourite bloggers, I look forward to her posts and envy her gorgeous complexion and those big blue eyes!

  3. Love reading guest posts especially ones where people share their absolute faves :D

  4. Loved reading the interview, must try the Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye makeup remover now!
    I’d love to meet Jane one day, seems so Friendly and like minded!
    Thanks for the post Charlie x

  5. The Beautiful Blog says:

    I will be getting a permanent blow dry soon and have been looking for some sls free hair products so I’m pleased to find out about the Louise Galvin ones here x

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