Babyliss Big Hair Changed my Life.

I asked for and received the Babyliss Big Hair for Christmas and I just have to blog about it because I absolutely love it. It has revolutionised my hair styling.

I got that Babyliss Root Boost thing a year or so ago and although at first I loved it, I rapidly went off it. It seemed a lot of effort to use and it was hard to cover the crimping at the back of my head, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, was it going to be another gadget that went unused. Absolutely not! I use this every hair wash now.

Basically it’s a brush that blows hot air to dry and style with. The barrel rotates so you can put the barrel right up close to the roots and give them a lift and the pull against the rotation to style your hair quickly. It’s absolutely magnificent. I’m trying to rein myself in a bit here but I am virtually evangelical about this. The barrel rotates in both directions according to the button you press which makes it easy to take all round your head.

You need to get your hair 80% dry by other methods first, either let it dry naturally or blow dry then finish off using the Big Hair. The amount of volume you can achieve is amazing and is totally adjustable depending on whether you’ve used styling products, dried your hair upside down or how much attention you give your roots with the tool.

I’ve just been using a bit of hair oil, as per usual, letting my hair dry naturally (in most cases) and then finishing up with the Big Hair.

Here’s my hair left to dry naturally… I’m sorry about the lack of make up… I’d just showered.

And here’s my hair after styling with the Big Hair…

 It’s not just the volume that makes it a saviour though its the fact that you can achieve a properly blow dried style in next to no time, something I have always totally failed at with a hair brush and hair dryer, this makes my life so easy. I must add that because I have short layers around the front it does give them too much curl in the fringe/front layers so I tend to go over the bottom of those tiny bits with the straighteners just to lose the curl. This is a very tiny amount of work though taking about 30 seconds and I am careful to go nowhere near the top three inches or so, so as not to lose the volume put in.

These are on offer in various places at the moment. The full price is £45.99 but I hear Curry’s are selling them for £29.99.

This is not a sponsored post and no PR samples are included, I just love it!

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  1. It’s great isn’t it! I got one last year and I love how easy it is once you get the hang of it.
    Gives great shine aswell.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with this for nearly 2 years, since a certain bloggers collective was giving them out to bloggers for giveaways. Then my obsession faded out until 1 week and a half ago, when someone on twitter managed to scoop them for £20, yep, you heard £20 on clearance at wilkinsons. Nothing wrong with the item, wilkinsons wanted to get their shelves back. Devastated as my wilkinsons didn’t have any. Now I am on a mission to get some. Boots selling them for £45, amazon for £30, and they’re selling like hot cakes on eBay. I got a £15 voucher to use at boots but it bugs me to use it as the item is £15 cheaper everywhere else. I am really hoping, maybe that buyapowa will sell them one. I am certain that this will be the answer to me mastering the art of a decent blow dry at home and will make me save a bit of money. Your hair looks really bouncy, shiny and gorgeous on the after picture, love it xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  3. I am so in love with this brush too; I’m on my second one as I completely killed the last one by using it almost every day. I’d never been able to achieve that blow-dried look until I started using this and it makes such a huge difference. If I want seriously shiny hair I use this without drying my hair first. It’s time consuming but the shine is mirror like xx

  4. Wow. I neeeeeed this! Love the after photos, what a difference :)

  5. I giggled when I read this post title Charlie as I always say the exact same about this styling tool – it’s truly brilliant imo!

    Nic x

  6. Dreams That Glitter xoxo says:

    Ooooh you’ve made me want this so much!


  7. Your hair looks fab, Charlie! I’ve just had a quick google and Amazon, Currys and Dixons are selling for £29.99 with free p&p. John Lewis is the same price but with £3.00 postage. I might have to order one too ;o) x

  8. Hi Lady of the Lane…just found your blog and had to comment on this one. I too am a devoted fan of this particular hair gadget. I’m terrible at blowdrying my own hair and this has been a lifesaver! I don’t use it everyday – tending to just scrape it all back (lazy, easy, not very pretty) but out comes the old Big Hair for a night out and it always does me proud. x

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