Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat and High Speed Top Coat

I’ve been wanting to try Lumos for quite some time having heard a huge amount about it in professional nail forums and more recently on a few blogs. I am a Seche Vite devotee so was looking forward to seeing how this compared. To the best of my knowledge Lumos is only officially available from Sweet Squared, who only supply to professionals in the industry, but I do know that there is usually plenty to be had on Ebay with the set I have above going for about £18-£20 currently. I was looking at this with a view to using it in my business and for my personal manicures.

Anyway, this is only going to be a short review because there’s only so much you can write about these products. It is my understanding that due the chemistry of the products you should only be using the two together, either the base or top coat alone won’t give the expected results in terms of longevity on the nail.


  • Super Fast Drying
  • Unlike Seche Vite the product doesn’t thicken up over time.
  • It’s nice and shiny.


  • My manicures do not last. 

I categorically do not recommend this and I certainly won’t be using again. I’m so disappointed. Polishes that will usually last me say 3 days without a top coat at all have been chipping on the first day of wear since using this stuff.

I don’t know if I’m using it incorrectly, but you know it’s a base and top coat, how difficult can it be? All I can say is that it’s not for me.

Next stop – INM Out The Door Top Coat. Until then I’ll keep going with my nearly-but-not-quite-perfect Seche Vite.

I bought these myself. Unfortunately.

EDIT: I used these last night to give them one more go, within two hours three nails were chipped :(

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  1. Try Orly sec n dry – not as speedy as Seche, but it doesn’t go gloopy either and it’s cheaper too.

  2. little miss says:

    Aww, try using just the top coat. I bought the same set as you and HATED the base coat, same issues as you, polish not lasting, also made my nails really dry. I now use CND stickey base coat and the lumos top coat and my nails always last through the week and have a beautiful glossy finish. Hope it works for you too, I hate it when products dont work, my base coat is now gathering dust in my drawer!

    • Thanks! I’ll give that a whirl with one of my other basecoats, thank you! It never occured to me it might be the base coat x

  3. I didn’t get chips with this but I found it hated creme polishes and would often just cause them to peel off, especially after I’d been in the shower or done the washing up (the former more often than the latter!)

  4. You’ve just saved me £20 and I can’t thank you enough.
    am going to avoid this at all costs xx
    please let us know as soon as possible (no pressure or anything, haha) about the ‘out of the door’ top coat. I think this might be the one for me, (i hope)
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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