ButterLONDON Holiday Lacquer Sets

If you love your nails all sparkly and festive, ButterLONDON uses colours that errs on the side of edgy rather than expected. These sets are £30, making it £10 per polish.

The pink shade with larger glitter chunks is Shambolic, The dark green is Jack The Lad and my favourite, the gold shade, with larger green glitter pieces is Scuppered.

As you can see, they come to life under lights with some major sparkling going on! 

You can find them HERE

*Regular readers of LadyoftheLane will know that Charlie is taking some time out after an operation, so this post is brought to you by Jane at Britishbeautyblogger. 

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  1. memoiselle says:

    This sets looks very beautiful! I am hoping that this set will make it into the city where I live in. I love Scuppered and Shambolics, they are very unique and I have never seen such shades before.

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