See you soon…

Hello lovely readers,

I won’t be around for a little while unfortunately as I am having a (minor) operation tomorrow. Although the operation is minor, it is on my left arm making two handed typing impossible for at least a week, maybe two, but hopefully not longer but as it stands I’m really not sure, I’ve been told I can’t drive for two or three weeks ¬†after the op so am thinking the same time scale roughly for blogging… I could of course blog one handed, but I don’t think that sounds like an awful lot of fun, I think it would also take me far too much time!

So, I’ve got a few posts scheduled for the second week after my operation…but for the first week and starting tomorrow, my blog has been taken over. I won’t spoil the surprise, but you’ll probably all like it. It’s like I’ve been hijacked, in a really good way.

Hope you all have a great week or two, or maybe three and I’ll see you on the other side.

Charlie x

PS: I will still be able to manage to press publish on any comments you are kind enough to leave me I’m sure… x

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  1. Paperbacks and Postcards says:

    Ooh good luck for the op! xx

  2. I hope everything goes ok with your operation and you don’t get too bored recovering x

  3. Hope the operation goes smoothly and you get waited on hand and foot! (Ha, some luck that would be, eh?) x

  4. Hope everything goes well and hope it doesn’t take you too long to recover xx

  5. Good luck Charlie. Hope all goes according to plan x

  6. Ladymoonlight says:

    Good luck and get well soon!

  7. Hope all goes well and your recovery is smooth! xx

  8. Hope you recover quickly, Charlie, and it’s not too painful – sending all good wishes x

  9. Modesty Brown says:

    I hope it all goes well. Take it easy and I will look forward to the reveal!! x

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