Washi Hot Cloths

Washi is a
very simple concept – disposable flannels for make-up removal. When it comes to
removing wash-off cleansers and cleansing balms, they’re fabulous because they
retain heat for long enough that your pores get a bit of a work-out, too. They’re
far preferable to regular flannels in that they’re lightweight – you can squeeze
pretty much all of the water out of them, leaving only moist heat – and of
course, because they aren’t meant for long-term use they don’t sit around
forever gathering germs. That said, my first Washi purchases of six wash-cloths
are still going strong so unless you’re in a highly decadent mood, they are
stayers. At £6.95 for a pack of ten, we aren’t talking bank breakers, either.

The newest
Washi product is the Skin Polishing Towel that’s great for a post cleanse dry
to whisk away dead skin cells on skin that looks a little dull or flaky.  

With their
roots in Japanese skin care methods, Washi Hot Cloths are such a find, plus if
you head to www.washihotcloth.com,
you’ll find tips and hints from beautiful Kazumi, the Washi Beauty Host, pictured at the top of the post. Sorry, floppy old muslins, these are are the new kids on the cleansing block! 

* Regular readers of LadyoftheLane will know that Charlie is taking some time out to recover from an operation, so this post is brought to you by Jane at Britishbeautyblogger.

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  1. Philippe Bijnens says:

    Ah for a second I thought it was ‘use & throw away’. That would have been bad :)
    I do love me some muslin cloths/flannels/microfiber cloths .. so handy to scrub with any cleanser.

  2. Beauty Daze says:

    I’d read about these on Get Lippie and they do sound good, I’m currently watching a listing on eBay. I love that they are dosposable, as even though I could just throw away my Liz Earle ones, I’m kind of loathe to do so, probably because they’re branded and I’m sad like that. I like that there are loads of different packaging options to.choose from too :)

    Steph xx

  3. Thank you! I would love these, I use flannels and muslins but may get some of these and give them a go!

  4. Absolutely ♥ your blog! Following you now!! Follow me back??

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