Rouge Bunny Rouge Shadow Keeper and Seas of Illumination

Recently I was very lucky to be sent a voucher code to spend on the the lovely new Rouge Bunny Rouge Boutique, so that I could  experience shopping on the site and get a feel for the whole process. I bought a few lovely things which I’ll show you later in the post but I can’t praise the experience highly enough.

The site is beautiful to behold really, which is unsurprising given the stunning packaging that contains the products. Whimsical is always the word I use to describe Rouge Bunny Rouge because really, it’s just so apt.

Navigating the site was simple ordering and paying was simple and from then on I just sat back and waited. Although the items come from Germany, shipping was really quite fast (although in all honesty I can’t accurately remember how long it was which in itself is a good sign because if it had taken ages I’d definitely remember!) and I was able to track it’s movements via the DHL website.

When it arrived, it came beautifully packaged in a Rouge Bunny Rouge box and inside was a veritable box of treats wrapped up in tissue paper.

Along with the four items I ordered, was a little cardboard box which contained three samples of the Tinted Moisturiser and one of the Mattifying Primer which was a lovely bonus and actually I’m loving the Tinted Moisturiser, it suits me very well, much more than the foundation which I liked but didn’t love.

Onto the items I did actually order.

Firstly the RBR Duo Shadow Keeper. €14

Essentially a magnetised compact for the RBR Shadow Refills. It’s a gorgeous little thing. Substantial, comes with a little sponge applicator and there’s a mirror on the inside lid.

Of course, I had to get something to put in this so I grabbed two of the Shadow Refills. Namely Lilac Reef Curassow and Trumpeter Koel. €17 each.

These were unusual colour choices for me…purples and I don’t get along too well generally speaking. But I really liked the look of Trumpeter Koel. Described as a dark lead-grey with lilac-blue iridescence I was hoping the grey base would make all the lilac-ness work a bit better for me. Lilac Reef Curassow is described as pale lilac with iridescence. Whilst both of these shades do contain iridescence, it’s very lightly done. Which is a good thing in this case I think. I actually added a whole lot of extra iridescence when I wore these for the first time but these are lovely.

I’ve a chequered past with RBR shadows in the past. Some I have liked, others I’ve struggled to get to work for me, but I’m pleased to report no problems with these at all. Go on just as they appear in the pan. My pictures later don’t really do them justice but I’ll point you in the direction of the lovely Visionary Beauty who took some great photos of the shadows in use.

The other and final item I bought was something I’ve wanted for a long time but couldn’t justify buying. Which is the Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid in Sea of Tranquility €50

The palest pink highlighting liquid which has exceeded all my expectations. I’ve worn this every single day and I’m sure it’s still going to last me years. What an incredible product. That little blob up there in the middle picture? Yeah that’s way too much to do my cheekbones and all the other areas I highlight (cupids bow, center of the nose, temples, forehead). I use a brush to put the tiniest dots where I want it and then I just pat and blend with my fingers. It blends with ease over whatever surface I choose to put it on, bare skin, foundation or powder. Dream highlight product.

Anyway, beautiful products from a beautiful website.

Here’s how I wore them. The liquid liner is the RBR Quartz Eyeliner in  Amethyst Essence which I bought quite a long time ago and didn’t like much….until I realised it needs a really good shake before use….

*Disclaimer – all products were purchased using a voucher provided to me by Rouge Bunny Rouge.*

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  1. RBR illuminating liquids are my favourites! I love them so much. The shadows are lovely on you x

  2. Hi Charlie! I love that Sea of Tranquilty highlighter, too and yes, it will last years! It’s gigantic! You picked some lovely eyeshadow shades.

  3. Great choices, the colours suit you really well. I have used up my tranquility so must buy another. Thank you so much for the link :) x

  4. Erilda Barbosa Padula says:

    eu queria muito parceria com vocês mais ñ consegui buáááá….

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