bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow in The Soundtrack

The pressed shadows from bareMinerals have been on my radar for quite some time as on other blog posts the swatches looked very impressive. I’ve always admired bareMinerals eye shadows from a distance. They look so amazing in the shops but I tend to steer clear of loose shadows as a rule so these pressed pallets looked just the thing for me!

They come in two, four and eight pan palettes, but I think, and don’t quote me, the eight pan palettes are usually limited edition.

Anyway, four pan palettes come in several colour ways and I have  The Soundtrack.

 One matte shade, the nude pale shade top right and three shimmers. I hesitate to call them shimmers though, they are almost metallic in texture. Well you can make your own mind up about what to call the finish when you see the swatches. Speaking of which….

In the pan, the bottom right colour appears to be a shimmering khaki or olive, but when swatched becomes a blackened olive…when blended out on my eye it is more of a grey shade.

Anyway, very impressed with this palette. It is ever bit as good as I had expected it to be, main problem is that now I have a strong desire to collect all the palettes, including the Limited Edition ones!

So here’s how I wore them (the first time) and I’ve got to ask your opinions about that at the end of this post!

Absolutely beautiful. I teamed with a neutral blush and a beige toned nude lippie and wore them a lot over the Christmas period and since. The Palettes are £29 each and I highly recommend checking them out.

You can buy them HERE.

Now before I scuttle off… does that eyeshadow look, look odd to you? Be honest, I have never in my life put a dark colour up that high, normally in the crease only, or on the eyelid. I felt self conscious all day when I wore them this way….

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Honey Go-Lightly says:

    I had this palette before. The product itself is great but I found the colours to be a little ‘dated’ if that makes sense (probably only to me ha). Keen to try the other colours though!

    • I rather like the colours, but I think I like it because the green shade is very grey… if it was green it wouldn’t be so me!

  2. this is a gorgeous palette, it’s really pigmented isnt it. I think the eyeshadow placement looks good, although it is a little bit difficult to tell with your eyes closed but I likes it! x

    • I didn’t even think to open my eyes, because they are hooded you can’t see much and normally the colours are in the crease…so it was habit, but thats worth bearing in mind for the future, thank you!

  3. Love these colours and doesn’t look odd at all… I always wear dark colours high like that x

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