My Christmas Nails

I know, I know, it’s half way through January but better late than never right?

So for Christmas I decided to have my first go at Galaxy Nails.

I have to admit they didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. I really wish I hadn’t put on the white dots, but I’ll know for next time!

They were actually quite striking and I got a lot of comments.

I can’t remember everything I used but in amongst that jumble of polish is ┬áChina Glaze Liquid Leather as a base. The white is a China Glaze, the purples are from a Colour Club Set I bought from TKMaxx, the Alter Ego Keep It Under Cover Collection. Actually I haven’t blogged about that set as I don’t like it but for this they were handy and then I used a fine holographic silver glitter, in this case Glistening Snow from the Christmas collection. It’s a fairly easy look to do. Do a base colour then blob on some other colours… only thing I’d say is, avoid the white dots, I think they really spoiled the look!

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