Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream

Another weather appropriate post for you today.

If the cold weather affects your sensitive skin when you go outside, or that of your children, reach for the Weleda (Baby) Calendula Weather Protection Cream.

This balm is just beautiful. As with my earlier post, this isn’t an item that I can really review at the moment thanks to my skin problems but I’ve squished a good blob of this onto the face of my two year old a few times lately as well as having a good feel of it on the back of my hand. The consistency is like a balm and it essentially protects your skin, or your childs skin from the elements. It’s made with beeswax, lanolin and almond oil and calendula flower extracts help soothe but it’s gentle and doesn’t block pores at all.

Also perfect for chapped lips and I might add, a very hand product for the dreaded red nose during and after a cold.

I should think at £7.95 this should be a staple for any handbag, be you a mother, or have sensitive skin, or have a dry nose or lips!

Available from Weleda.co.uk

*Disclsosure – PR Sample*

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