The Denman Vent Brush

You gotta love a good quality brush and brushes don’t come much better in quality than those produced by Denman.

Hair this year is set to be big, voluminous and tousled and to get the look you’re going to need a Vent Brush.

Retailing at £5.69, it’s not a hefty price tag and it’s a brush you’re going to use over and over. For me, this is the best brush for untangling when my hair is wet. I use it every single time I wash my hair. Without fail. It just seems to glide through my hair and I get EPIC tangles after washing!

If that’s not sold it to you, here’s some tips from Mark Woolley, the Creative Ambassador for Denman.

  • Detangling: Vent brushes are great for removing tangles. Starting at the ends and moving towards the roots, lightly brush sections of hair to remove hairspray and tangles.
  • Wet hair: after shampooing and conditioning, brush through towel dried hair to smooth.
  • Removing moisture: when blow drying, first use a Tunnel Vent brush.  Brush the hair from side to side, this will reduce the moisture and make it easier and quicker to style.
  • Adding volume: If you want your hair to have volume, throw your head forward and blow dry your hair upside down using a Tunnel Vent brush.  The wide teeth will help the hot air get into the roots.
  • Keeping movement: Blow drying or brushing through hair with either Vent brush will help keep some of the natural curl and movement.
  • For the guys: A standard Denman Vent brush is a great brush for men. The wide pins give a less smooth, more textured finish.

Denman Brushes are available from Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis and Tesco, as well as

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