Proskins Slimming Leggings!

Slimming leggings! I’m all over that!

So first off I’m going to confess I was signed up to do the Proskins Slim 28 Day Challenge but I chickened out of it for a few reasons.

Reason One: Turned out I wasn’t over keen on putting photographs of my cellulite on here either at the beginning of the challenge, or after.

Reason Two: I’m already actively dieting with Weight Watchers so I felt that any results that I saw couldn’t be completely attributed to the Proskins.

Reason Three: I didn’t think I could commit to wearing them for 8 hours every day. I think to do the 28 day challenge you’d need more than one pair, to allow for laundry time.

But regardless, I was intrigued to see how these would work out for me, just wearing them as often possible and as an aid to weightloss.

So before I tell you how I found them, let me explain what Proskins are. Proskins are a range of clothing, mostly leggings, but not exclusively that use the same compression technology as performance sportswear. The fabric is micro encapsulated and contains caffeine, aloe vera and vitamin E to improve your skin condition. Compression fabric promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage…both of whichcan help with cellulite.  The capsules are guaranteed to remain in the fabric for 100 washes. You can wear them to work out, as your daily clothing or even sleep in them so they get working at night.

I chose to try them out for sleeping and for daily wear. As it happened I only wore them once at night as it felt too weird to then wear them in the day (like I was wearing my pyjama’s out!). So I didn’t do that again and just kept them for day wear, as I do wear a lot of leggings.

My first thought on opening the box was that they looked tiny and they’d never fit me and I am most certainly not tiny! But I shouldn’t have worried, they fit easily, thanks to the stretch and they don’t feel uncomfortable either which I suspected they might. It’s just the sound of  “compression” just makes them sound unpleasant, but in truth they feel great. I feel a little bit like I’m being held in, but only slightly. They look nice on too, seeming to just smooth everything out. I found them a little bit see through, which is fine since I would never wear leggings without a long top anyway. They are not completely see through but I can just see my knickers so it’s something to bear in mind. They are also slightly shiny. Not mega disco pants shiny, but a little, I suppose sports wear shiny!

In terms of end results I think I see them. Now bearing in mind I’ve not worn them every day, but as often as possible, and bearing in mind that I’ve lost a stone over the last two months and that means differences in my legs are a given but I really do think I see differences.

The immediate difference is that when I take these off after a day of wearing them, my skin is softer than ever. I have never really had soft skin on my legs but they are exceptionally smooth. Remarkably so. I think my cellulite is looking less dimply too. Now as I say I’ve been doing Weight Watchers too so I the results I see aren’t solely down to the leggings, but I believe they do make a difference.

I would definitely recommend giving these a try if cellulite is a concern. They wash up lovely too and seem to be made really well. I quite fancy the galaxy print ones!

Theses aren’t cheap, but they are in a different league to your Primark cheapies! The full length leggings I have are £50, capri’s are £45.

You can get yours from but they are also available from Tesco and Next.

*Disclosure – PR sample*

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  1. Karleigh Kassen says:

    I live in leggings, I find New Look do the best ones! I don’t really suffer with cellulite but like the idea of their shaping qualities and how they make your skin soft but not for £50!

    • Charlotte Gray says:

      They aren’t cheap that’s for sure! I like H&M leggings. I like New Look too but three times I’ve bought them and got them home to find a hole in them so if I can find a pair without a hole in I’m happy!!

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