Aveda Heart Lands Collection for A/W 2013

Aveda Heartlands (3)

I recently shared the beautiful imagery from the Aveda Heart Lands collection and today I can show you the cosmetics in the collection. This Aveda collection is all about creating simple but striking looks and on that score it really doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t disappoint on any score actually. Before I show you things more closely, remember that Aveda’s cosmetics, where applicable, come in minimal packaging. That means the eyeshadows come just as pans and the lipsticks come fully useable, but without cases. Personally this is great for me. No need to depot, they go straight in the Z-Palette and I don’t need cases for the lipsticks,but it is worth bearing in mind when you purchase. You can of course buy palettes from Aveda and cases for the lipsticks.

Okay so lets have a look at the eye products. There are six Petal Essence Single Eyeshadows,  and two Petal Essence Eye Definers.

Starting with the left hand column we have Viridian, Bronze Patina and Antique Gold. In the right hand column we have Dusk Orchid, Hyacinth and Ginger Root.

Aveda Heartlands (4)

They are all beautiful colours and they all perform exceptionally well. Soft, luminous, buildable and highly blendable.  There are also two eye Definers in Night Lily (dark purple) and Juniper (dark green). Here are swatches of all of the eye products.

Aveda Heartlands (6)

The orange shadow, Ginger Root is absolutely my favourite. I don’t know how long I’ve loved oranges but they’ve been creeping up on me over the last year or so! But all are gorgeous.

But then we have the lip products, which in this collection, are absolutely outstanding! There are two Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lipcolours in Redwood and Sweetplum, along with two Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glazes in Winterberry and Honeytree and finally two Nourish-Mint Lip LIners in Red Petals and Plum Petals.

All of the above are absolutely outstanding in terms of finish, texture and performance. Seriously good. Have a look at the swatches.

The top two are the liners in Plum Petals and Red Petals, the row below is the lipsticks in Sweetplum and Redwood and below those the lip glazes in Winterberry and Honeytree.

Aveda Heartlands (7)

I’ve worn all of this every day (except working days), well, not all of it, not at once, but I’ve worn something from the collection every day. I’m so impressed. I don’t have images of of me wearing it all unfortunately but here are some images from the past week!

Plum Petals Lip Liner and Winterberry Lip Glaze.

Aveda Heartlands (1)

Ginger Root Eye Color, Red Petals Lip Liner and Redwood Lip Color.

Aveda Heartlands (2)

Dusk Orchid and Hyacinth shadows, Night Lily Eye Definer and Plum Petals Lip Liner and Winterberry Lip Glaze.

Aveda Heartlands (5)

Hyacinth and Dusk Orchid Eyeshadows and Night Lily Eye Definer.

Aveda Heartlands (8)

This is a really beautiful, wearable collection with something for everyone but the lip products really very wow indeed!

The Heart Lands collection is available now from Aveda counters and available online now.

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  1. Winterberry looks like the perfect colour for fall!

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