My Christmas Present to Myself

Ah so Christmas is done and dusted thank god. Kids dispatched back to school where they can hassle someone else and I am free to do what I love, write. I’m only partly joking.

So now that the Christmas chaos is over I can show you some of the things I received and I’m going to show you the gift I bought myself. A Yaby palette and shadows. I’ll apologise in advance for the lighting in some of these pictures, it’s been so dark and I’m trying to get to grips with a new bit of kit.


Over the years I’ve heard lots about Yaby but never quite taken the time to try them out and now I’m hooked! These are such an affordable treat!



Okay so the palette. It’s sturdy and attractive, with a huge mirror. It’s not big at 14cm by 11cm approx but as it’s a freestyle palette you can cram loads in there of any size and shape. But in particular the Yaby refills. You’ll get LOADS in there as they are tiny.  As a guide, they are approximately the size of a five pence piece. I didn’t have one of those anywhere in the house so here’s my shadows with a twenty pence piece.


Okay, so about those shadows. So so beautiful. Left column, top to bottom is: Lady Orchid (Eye shadow), Azalea Petal (eye shadow), Strawberry Sherbet (pearl paint), Tangerine Mist (pearl paints), Frosted Rose (pearl paint) and Lemonade (pearl paint). And then the sole shadow in the next column is Pink Tourmaline (pearl paint).



So you see I bought a couple of the eyeshadows, great shadows, come in a variety of shades and finishes and are well pigmented mostly. But then there are the Pearl Paints Pearl paints are eye shadow’s with va va voom. They are very pigmented and almost creamy to the touch and are waterpoof. They are a stunning.

Hand swatches.

Top Row: Azalea Petal, Lady Orchid

Bottom Row: Strawberry Sherbet, Tangerine Mist, XXX, Pink Tourmaline and Lemonade


These are so beautiful. You know me I don’t go for brights and vivid shades on my eyes as a rule, preferring to blend them out to a more me level of comfort but here’s the first look I did with these. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are not pigmented enough, they are super  pigmented, but shown on my eye at my comfort level!


I bought mine from Cocktail Cosmetics and they are a brilliant price. The Freestyle Palette is £18.95 and the shadows are tiny but affordable at £3.25 for the Pearl Paints and £2.75 for the Eye Shadows. I can’t wait to fill up my palette!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before but those eyeshadows are beautiful! :D
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