The Jo Malone London Just Like Sunday Home Candles

Ah Jo Malone London, I do love you, but you make my wishlists so long I can only dream of owning half of it never mind all…and that list just got longer with the launch of the Just Like Sunday Home Candle Collection.

The collection has been created by Style Editor Charlotte Stockdale and is designed to conjure up feelings of, well, Sundays!

In the collection are four scents all of which appeal to me, and probably most people.

Green Tomato Leaf is inspired by tomatoes in a greenhouse, and is both earthy and full of sunshine. Artemesia, cassis, moss and galbanum.

Then there’s Sweet Almond & Macaroon. The one I most want to try, almond, coconut, cherries and vanilla. Swoon.

The other I’m desperate to have a sniff of is Incense & Embers. Smoky incense, silver fir, white pepper, napa leather, vetiver and golden ember. Just wow.

And finally there’s Lavender and Lovage.

Jo Malone Just Like Sunday (1)

Jo Malone Just Like Sunday (2)

Lavender & Lovage is beeyoootiful. Designed to evoke crisp white sheets. An aniseed twist of lovage, with lavender, rosemary and thyme. It is beautiful. Unlit this lightly scents the lounge, but lit it fills the lounge with the most beautiful aromatic scent, it’s divine and has been appreciated by the whole family, including the kids.

All of the Just Like Sunday candles are £39 for 200g including a lid and matches and they are available now from

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  1. I WISH Jo Malone wasn’t so expensive!
    Great post & lovely blog!
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